Monday, August 29, 2016

Runebound 2nd Ed Player Caddy

My brother turned me on to the world of 3d printing. He's got a little one of his own and has offered to print me stuff that I want for my games if I can find it on Thingiverse. Browsing there I came upon a game caddy for a game called Arcadia Quest 3d. I don't know the game but looking at the caddy made me think how useful it would be to have something like that for Runebound 2nd Ed.

I've been playing Runebound for years now. The first thing that appealed to me about it was that you level up a character within the game. You start with easier fights and update your character's stats however you want to take on more challenging fights. I love that about it.

Unfortunately it is now out of print so it is quite expensive to buy, but there is a third edition now so I may need to check that out.

As you play you've got your character card and hearts and sweat, plus gold, items, allies, xp counters, and level up markers. Tons of stuff that is just crying out for an organizing system.

I tried to think if the Arcadia Quest one would work and even though it might, I wanted one made just for Runebound.

My first thought was to make one with sculpey clay I already had at home. So I tried. But I'm not very happy with the result...

It doesn't look clean, crisp, or nice. It just doesn't quite work. So I think it is time to learn how to use 3d modeling software!

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